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Newport, Rhode Island Wines


Picked up a couple of bottles of local wine.




Chen Guangcheng is Free


This morning I heard the news that chen was on his way to the US.

As Chen Guancheng flies to US, concern persists over family members left behind

Washington Post – 5 hours agoBEIJING — Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng, who had been at the center of a diplomatic row between the US and Chinese governments, left Beijing on Saturday afternoon on a United Airlines flight bound for Newark and an uncertain life in the United …

Jellyfish Light at Thrice Cafe


Cool jellyfish lamp / lighting fixture I saw at Thrice Cafe / Thai Fresh the other day.

Thai Fresh & Thrice Cafe
thai-fresh.com/Thai, Restaurant, Coffee, Cafe, Vegan, Gluten Free, Local, Organic, Sustainable …

Thai Fresh
909 West Mary St # B, Austin
Open until 9:00pm.

PsiOp Radio 162 – 120513




 Free Chen Guangcheng Updates


AusTex Headlines

 Police State, Tasers, TSA, SkyNet DroneWar & Surveillance Society News

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Musical Interlude: Xploding Plastic – Behind The Eight Ball (Radio Edit)

Censorship of Deep ParaPolitical History

Other ParaPolitical News

The War of Terror is a War on Islam

Latest Stage-Managed PsyOp / “Terror” Plot


Mind Kontrol Drugs vs Drug War

Weird Research News

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Outro Music: Main Sequwnce – The Guilded Age (From the albue The Ownership Society)

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PsiOp Radio


Parfrey’s Cult Rapture and James Shelby Downard


Among the many fine books available at local smoke and novelty shop(s) Planet-K are copies of Adam Parfrey’s classic anthology Cult Rapture.

Inside the book are many interesting articles including information on classic SynchroMystic James Shelby Downard…




Soundscape – 120506 backyard near dusk

View at audioboo.fm

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SMiles Lewis’s boos

PsiOp Radio 161 – 120503


PsiOp-Radio 161: May 3rd, 2012


Leslie (RIP) & Russ at “Keep Austin Weird Fest 2007″ (Below)

Austin & Texas Weird Headlines

Texas / Austin Police State News


Fast & Furious Fallout / Borders, Drugs, & Guns

More Austin & Texas Headlines


“Progress” and Change

Pipelines, Eminent Domain & The Power of The State

Banksters in Texas

Hacktivists Hacked?


Police State Amerika News

Domestic Assassination & Police State News

Houston TSA Police State

TSA – Total Sexual Assault Agency

Musical Interlude

Feed Me – Cloudburn (feat. Tasha Baxter)

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Drone War News

Via NPR: Do bees, swarms of bees, make you nervous? Maybe not. Maybe they remind you of honey, flowers and warm summer days. You stay out of their way and they stay out of yours. What if, however, the bees weren’t bees at all but hundreds (or thousands) of autonomous microbots, facsimiles of the real thing, buzzing around in the real world? That’s not Hollywood fantasy any more. It appears to be within reach. Researchers in the Microrobotics Lab at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences say that they expect their Robobees project will demonstrate flying, autonomous micro-air-vehicles modeled on insects within the next 2 1/2 years.

Vanessa Alarcon saw them while working at an antiwar rally in Lafayette Square last month. “I heard someone say, ‘Oh my god, look at those,’ ” the college senior from New York recalled. “I look up and I’m like, ‘What the hell is that?’ They looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But I mean, those are not insects.”


Taser Watch

Suspicious Deaths


COINTELPRO & FBI TERROR ENTRAPMENT (See also more FBI related headlines below…)

More Occupy Movement News


Ron Paul News & Flashbacks

  • Ron Paul predicts 911 & War-on-Terror?

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JFK / RFK: The Two Kennedys

Musical Interlude
Catherine Wheel – Crank

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MK-Ultra / Human Experimentation News
Chen Guangcheng
Psychedelic News

Bill Hicks on A Positive Drug Story

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Musical Outro

Steely Dan – Don’t Take Me Alive

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Canadian ParaPolitics

Globalist Bankster News

FBI in the News

More Drug War News

Police State Schools


Afghanistan News (You know… the “Good War”)

Surveillance Society Tech / CyberWar News



Social Media


Misc. ParaPolitics Headlines

Gattaca Dystopia or Human Health Liberation?

Absurdity of Terror Money Laundering Group Watch List

PsyOp or Not?

Election News

911 & Historic False Flag Attacks

Eugenics / Depopulation

The War on Milk

Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

More Weird News

Zombie Meme

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