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PsiOp-Radio is live again tonight w/Mack and SMiles at 7pm CST via AFreeRadio.com with news links at http://bit.ly/DNYSz

Mack White is a guest today on Jack Blood’s Deadline Live radioshow 3-4pm. Miles Lewis will also be calling in. http://www.AfreeRadio.com

A second significant rain is happening right now here in South Austin, Texas

Shmoozing with folks I’ve not seen in 20 years is freaky

2.5 hours of cataloging at the Anomaly Archives

Cataloging at the Anomaly Archives while listening to Robert Larson’s Out The Rabbit Hole radioshow LIVE on http://www.KUCI.org via my cellphone

Thoroughly enjoyed District 9.

The Govna gripped my hand firmly and looked me squarely in the eyes…

The Govna firmly gripped my hand and looked me squarely in the eyes…

PsiOp-Radio’s show with guest Jerry E. Smith has been scubbed at the last minute due to technical difficulties beyond our control.